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8 Signs You’ve Found a Winning Candidate

29th September 2016


As recruiters, we’re always looking for the best candidates for our clients. We’re not looking for average Jo or plod-along Pete, we’re on the hunt for the perfect candidate.

We spend a lot of time speaking to candidates and looking at CVs. We match their skills and experience to the needs of our clients.

  1. A for Effort

Candidates who are on the hunt for a job need to put some effort into their CV and applications. If you can tell they have spent some time creating a great CV and cover letter this is a great start.

  1. Good communication skills

Communication is required in all job roles. when speaking to clients as well as partners or colleagues. As a recruiter, you can learn a lot about a candidate from their communication skills over the phone, on email or in person.

  1. They’re motivated

Motivation to move on, progress or have a career change is a must with any candidate. If a candidate isn’t open to new job opportunities then we could end up wasting ours and our client’s time. Candidates who aren’t motivated are also more likely to accept a counteroffer from their current employer.

  1. Loyalty Over Job Hopping

We love to see a CV from someone who has been loyal to their employers. We understand that everyone moves jobs and changes career from time to time, but multiple short stints with employers could be seen as job-hopping.

  1. Glowing References

References are a must for all new candidates. A candidate may look perfect on paper and perform great in the interview, but if they don’t have good references alarm bells will ring. Past employers are the best people to give you a clear impression of a candidate. Make sure you ask them the right questions.

  1. Great timekeeping

This is an essential skill for most job roles. It’s good to get an idea of your candidate’s timekeeping skills. Arrange for them to call or meet you at a certain time to test their promptness.

  1. Preparation is key

A good candidate will have researched the role and the company before an interview. If a candidate has gone into great depth or done some additional digging this would be a big bonus.

  1. Professional Manner and Appearance

Every job role requires some level of professionalism, but a lot of senior or management roles require this as an essential. The interview stage will help to identify the candidates with a professional manner and those who turn up professionally dressed.

If you’re struggling to find the right candidates and need help with your recruitment, please contact your local Bromak branch or Head Office on 01204 554880.

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