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At Bromak, we offer a range of compliant payroll solutions to suit your specific circumstances. We are happy to advise you on which solution is best for you in terms of your take home pay. We do this whilst remaining as compliant as possible.

Depending on their individual circumstance, we can pay our temporary workers PAYE/Ltd Company through Bromak directly or Umbrella/CIS through one of our compliant Payroll Partners.

Decisions on method of payment will take into account a number of things including your specific duties/responsibilities, if you travel from site to site and whether or not a worker is subject to Supervision, Direction and Control (SDC).

The SDC test is one of the determining factors of whether or not someone can be considered self-employed and also if they can claim travel and subsistence.

For more information on this legislation you can read up about it here.

Umbrella PAYE

Many of our workers are paid through Umbrella companies because this is generally the easiest and quickest way for temporary candidates to get paid.

  • Full contract of employment
  • Ability to submit expenses if outside of SDC or travelling site to site
  • Enhanced pay rate and increased take home pay when compared to agency PAYE
  • Insurances
  • Pension Auto enrolment
  • Access to SSP, SMP, SPP
  • Continuity of contract
  • Easy sign up
  • AWR (Agency Worker Regulations) applicable


In April 2014 HMRC amended legislation that governs how self-employed contractors can be engaged when working via an intermediary (recruitment business). Bromak can still source work for self-employed contractors where that individual will not be working under the supervision, direction or control of Bromak and/or the end hirer.

Bromak have ensured our processes allow eligible workers to be engaged on a self-employed basis while protecting all parties in the supply chains from potential liabilities. We’re happy to work with clients and prospects to ensure their supply chain is compliant as of 2014. We do this while ensuring our candidates can operate under their preferred contracting method where circumstances allow.


PAYE stands for Pay As You Earn. As a PAYE candidate, you submit your timesheets to Bromak. As your employer, we calculate and deduct your tax and NI and provide you with a payslip. This is done every week for the work you’ve completed.

LTD Companies

If you have your own registered Limited Company then you can choose for Bromak to pay your Limited Company. To be paid in this way you must submit timesheets to Bromak with company invoices from your Limited Company

This model is only beneficial to candidates who are paid over £13 per hour. If you’re not registered with the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) you will pay 30% tax. In order to be paid under the CIS scheme you must submit all company details in line with CIS guidelines. See more details here.

Whichever way you get paid we will ensure you are paid compliantly but if you are unsure and wish to talk, please call the payroll team on 01204 554 880.

How to submit a timesheet

  • Complete your timesheet including start, finish and lunch times (you can download a blank timesheet here if you need one)
  • Calculate your total hours and double check that your hours add up
  • Complete your candidate details and sign the timesheet
  • Pass your timesheet to your authorising manager to sign it off
  • Ensure a clear copy of your timesheet is sent to Bromak before 12pm on a Monday.
  • If everything if correct on your timesheet it will be passed to Bromak Payroll team to pay. If anything is incorrect the timesheet may be sent back to you or the client.
  • When we have your accurate timesheet it will be processed by our payroll team
  • You will receive the money in your bank before 5pm on a Friday

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