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Which is the Best CSCS Card for Me?

12th May 2016

CSCS cards are absolutely essential if you want to work on a construction site, whether that be as a Labourer, Apprentice, Site Manager or even a Site Visitor. Working on a construction site can be dangerous at times, so having the correct CSCS card works towards reducing any possible risks. What is a CSCS card? CSCS stands for Construction Skills…

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The Top Five Skills Employers Look For

3rd May 2016

Nowadays a fancy qualification just doesn't cut it when applying for a job opening, and even a long list of work experience sometimes isn't enough anymore. Most employers look for well-rounded candidates to fill the opening within their business, which means they're on the lookout for skills and qualities that make you stand out from the crowd, some are obvious;…

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Augmented Reality in Construction

27th April 2016

It’s safe to say that most people in this day and age have heard of virtual reality; but have you heard about augmented reality, and how it has brought promising opportunities along with it? What is Augmented Reality? In basic terms, augmented reality is a live view of the real world (such as through the camera on your phone) that…

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The Importance of Career Growth

19th April 2016

Over the years, applicants have become more and more savvy when on the hunt for a job. One factor that has become increasingly popular when searching for a job is the opportunity for career growth. Career growth can incite a sense of security with a potential employee, knowing that in years to come they won’t be stuck in a rut…

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