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Using Bromak for Temporary Construction Workers

13th November 2020

Historically agency staff were used in construction to ‘plug gaps’, cover for sickness or holidays, supplement workforce during seasonally busy periods or staff a site or project that needs an extra push. However, it is becoming more common for companies to use temporary workers in a more strategic fashion.   Why should I use Bromak for temporary requirements? Although as…

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Top Tips for Video Interviews

10th August 2020

Many employers are now utilising video software to interview candidates. Whether it is due to location, social distancing, or simply saving a bit of time, using services like Zoom and Microsoft Teams are on the increase. Although some standard interview traits will still be in place, it's important to take some time to prepare thoroughly for the meeting that might…

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Writing a CV for work in the Construction Industry

13th July 2020


A CV is one of the most effective and efficient way to represent yourself to potential employers. It’s your way of demonstrating your professional experience and is your chance to make a good first impression! Employers receive lots of applications, so making sure yours stands out and highlights your skills is vital. Here’s how we suggest you set out your Construction CV…

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Recycling in The Construction Industry

17th March 2020


With the construction industry producing 59% of the total waste in the UK, it is important that construction companies are recycling more. Companies send most construction waste to landfill. However, recycling is very beneficial. The benefits of recycling Recycling construction material saves massive amounts of energy as it decreases the consumption of natural resources. It will reduce disposal costs; it…

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