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Five Ways to Boost the Productivity of Your Workforce

21st July 2016

There are times in any working environment, whether that be on a hectic construction site or a busy office, when the productivity of your workforce begins to slump. The key is to notice and acknowledge when an employee might be pulling a little less weight than usual and making sure you take action. There are various tips to boosting the overall productivity of your workforce, a number of which we have outlined below.

1. Know Your Employees

If you know your employees on a personal level and acknowledge the activities and hobbies they enjoy outside of work, each employee will realise this and appreciate it on some level. If your employees appreciate the extra effort you put in, they’re far more likely to want to put the extra effort in for you.

2. Provide Feedback

Feedback is critical to all employees so it’s important to give praise and constructive criticism when needed. Giving feedback on what can be improved on and what has been done well gives a clear indication on what needs to be done and in turn boosts productivity.

3. Offer Small Rewards

If you set some hefty targets for individuals to hit, you could offer a small reward for the employee reaching it. This could be in the form of a £10 gift card or as simple as letting them leave an hour early as a break. Having this reward in sight will help motivate employees to hit the target. Seeing co-workers reap the reward will also help motivate other employees to hit the target. Plus receiving the reward will help motivate the employee to continuously hit targets, it’s like a snowball effect of productivity.

4. Make Sure Equipment is Up to Scratch

This one is very simple, if the required equipment doesn’t work, productivity will drop. This could be a faulty power drill that means someone has to use a screwdriver, a computer that is too slow to function, or even as simple as a stapler with no staples. Whatever the equipment is, make sure it’s all in full working order so you don’t give your workforce a reason to stop pulling their weight.

5. Be a Role Model

This final tip will also help to keep your personal productivity to a high standard. If you’re always working hard and consistently keeping yourself busy, your employees are more likely to do the same. If you’re turning up late and slacking off once you’re there, your employees may start to follow this behaviour. You’re the one who sets the bar, so set it as high as you can. If you set the bar low, your employees might drop lower.

If you’re looking to hire productive workers in the built environment sector, we can help you. Don’t hesitate to call Head Office on 01204 532500 or contact your local Bromak branch here.

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