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How to Cut the Costs of Commuting

14th July 2016

Do you find yourself spending a lot of money getting to and from work? Having a hefty slice of your pay cheque drained on getting to the place where you’re making the money? Each year, the UK spends hundreds of thousands of pounds on commuting costs day in, day out. Surely there must be ways to save on this?

Car Pools

Car pools are becoming a common way of commuting these days, especially with the rising costs of running a vehicle. The idea behind a car pool or car share is to share these costs with one or more co-workers. If a colleague lives on the same route you take to work, or vice versa, you can arrange to pick one another up and split the cost, this also means you don’t have to drive every day. Simple, yet effective.

Claim Travel Expenses

Although temporary workers can no longer claim travel expenses to and from your main place of work you can still claim any travel you do on top of that. So, for example, if you’re asked to work on a different site for the afternoon you can claim your travel for getting from your main place of work, to the new site. You can claim this regardless of how you travel, train, bus or car.

Work Longer Days

At first this sounds like a no-go. No way would you be caught dead offering to work longer hours, right? But, there is an upside. Some employers offer flexible working and are willing to discuss working hours with their employees, if you compromise with your employer and offer to work fewer days but longer hours, you could cut the overall costs of your daily commute. But remember, you know your company better than anyone, so if you think requesting something like this could tarnish your reputation, you may want to choose an alternative.

Ride or Walk

This way of saving on commuting costs is definitely the healthiest and most environmentally friendly option. If you live within a few miles of your workplace, riding or walking could save 100% of your commuting costs! Unfortunately, not everyone lives close enough to their workplace for this to be realistic, but for the lucky few that do live within a realistic radius, this option will keep you and your wallet healthy and happy.

If you’re a temporary worker and are unsure what you can claim on your expenses, please call our Payroll and Compliance Department on 01204 554880. or if you are currently looking for work in construction register your details here 


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