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New Year, New Job?

5th December 2019

2020 is fast approaching and for many people, the New Year marks a fresh start. A common New Year’s resolution for many of us is to land a new job that we love. We’ve put together some tips which we hope will help your New Year job search.

1. Get your CV recruiter ready!

If you’re serious about looking for a new job, it’s time to dust off your old CV. Your CV should be updated with your recent employment history and any new skills. Keep your CV short, to the point and laid out well. On average, recruiters spend less than a minute reading a CV before they determine whether to invite you to an interview. Make sure your key skills and experience are prominent.

LinkedIn is also a fantastic opportunity to network with potential employers. Make sure you’re LinkedIn profile is up to date or create a profile if you don’t already have one. Think of LinkedIn as your online profile for job seeking!

2. Register with a specialist recruitment agency

Don’t underestimate the benefits of signing up with an agency that specialises in your field. Agencies may have access to opportunities that aren’t otherwise advertised. Agencies have a network of contacts within your chosen field and can recommend companies that you may not have thought of. Another benefit of letting a recruitment agency represent you is that they can do the hard negotiations for you.

Don’t register with too many agencies though – this may lead to your CV being submitted several times to the same vacancy, which can harm your chances of gaining that position. You’re better registering with one or two agencies to ensure you can keep a handle on where your CV has been sent to.

If it’s jobs in construction you’re looking for, register with Bromak and one of our specialist recruitment consultants will be in touch. We’re a bit biased, but here’s some reasons we think you should choose Bromak to represent you in your job search.

3. Start your job search before New Year

Start your job search as soon as possible, ideally before the Christmas break. If employers are recruiting for people to start in the New Year, there’s a good chance the jobs will be online and ready to apply to now.

Only apply for roles you are genuinely interested in. It’s quality over quantity, so send off a few tailored, good quality applications to jobs you really want. You will get better results than if you send out a generic CV to lots of jobs you don’t have an interest in.

4. Prepare for interviews

So you’ve written a great new CV, your LinkedIn profile is up to date and you’ve applied for some jobs you really fancy. All that hard work has paid off and you’ve landed yourself some interviews. Prepare for your interview!

Arrive early (but not too early!), make sure you research the company, research some common interview questions and practice your answers. Check out Reed’s blog for some tips on common interview questions and answers.




Ask plenty questions of your own at interviews. Interviews are a two way process and just as much a chance for you to decide if the company & position are for right for you!

5. Have an open mind and consider all options

It’s great if you have an offer on the table. Even better if you have multiple offers that you can choose from! Consider all job offers and have an open mind. Do your research on each company as well as checking out their employee reviews on websites like Glassdoor and Indeed.

Whatever you decide, be sure to keep any relevant parties up to date with your decision.

If you’re looking for a new job in the New Year, browse our latest opportunities and apply online here.

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