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New Year, New Job

28th January 2015

As the end of February is fast approaching and we’re settled in to 2015 we’re looking at why so many people are planning on finding a new job this year.

A recent survey conducted by an online job board reported that 95% of respondents had a new year’s resolution to find a new job. New Years’ resolutions are famed, in the most part, for being made but rarely kept, so why would people commit to such a dramatic change?

At the start of the New Year we all want to make positive changes in our lives, whether it’s going to the gym, learning something new or making a move in your career. It seems that at the start of a New Year we all take a step back to review our lives and evaluate where we are in terms of appearance, wealth, goals, happiness etc. When you think that the average person will spend 30% of their life at work it becomes a major factor in how we view ourselves and our happiness.

2015 may also been seen as a ‘safer’ year to move jobs, many employees may have been unhappy in their current positions for a while but not had the confidence to take the leap to a new role during the uncertainty of the UK economy. There may have been some instances of ‘it’s safer to stay put rather than face job uncertainty’ but now, as the economy looks up, people are starting to take the plunge.

The most popular reasons given by job seekers who are now looking to move on from their current vacancies includes lack of training, lack of progression and unsatisfactory work/life balance. In addition to this, a poll carried out at the end of 2014 showed that half of workers felt like they had a job, not a career and nearly 40% said they felt underemployed.

Since the start of 2015 Bromak has seen an increase in job applications and traffic to our website to reflect the research carried out. It looks like this is a New Years’ resolution that many people are actually sticking too!

Ruth Berry, HR and Training Coordinator, Bromak Recruitment

If you’re looking to take the next steps in your career or are looking for a career change contact your local Bromak for a confidential chat. Alternatively you can find us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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