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Plastic Waste – Should The Industry Be Doing More?

12th July 2019

Plastic waste is a burning issue at the moment. With images of plastic filling our oceans seen across the news, its an issue the public is becoming increasingly aware of. What can the construction industry do to reduce its impact? 

How does the construction industry use plastic?

In the UK, the construction industry is the second-largest consumer of plastics behind packaging. The construction industry uses 23% of plastic produced in the UK.

Plastic is a valuable resource in the construction industry – it’s a durable, flexible, lightweight & cost-effective material. Therefore, the industry is heavily dependent on plastic. It is being the go-to option for packaging and protection for many items on building sites and also being used in insulation, piping & window frames.

How much plastic waste does the industry produce?

Being a large consumer of plastics in the UK, it’s no surprise that construction is one of the largest plastic waste producers. It generates around 50,000 tonnes of plastic waste each year.

A third of waste leaving sites is single-use packaging. Sites only recycle a small percentage of plastic annually, the rest is thrown into landfills. Plastic waste is destroying natural habitats, and we’re also running out of landfill areas to dispose of the waste in!

So what steps can the industry take to reduce plastic waste? Is the answer reducing the use of plastics, or to stop throwing it away and re-use and recycle the plastic waste?

Recycling & Re-Using 

Companies can make construction materials out of recycled plastic. For example, research has shown that waste plastic can be used as a partial replacement for sand in concrete. This would result in concrete which is almost as strong as conventional concrete. Follow this link to learn more about the research.

Recycled plastics can also be used to make asphalt, which has recently been used in road resurfacing by Enfield Council. You can read more here.

Companies can reduce the amount of plastic waste on site by creating a site waste management plan, this should ideally be done before a project begins. By doing this, a construction company can allocate exactly the right amount of materials needed to complete the project, and waste can be recycled & re-used. Read more on the important of a site waste management plan. A site could use sustainable materials. For example, BAM investigated using biodegradable packaging materials that break down completely in the environment.

The first step is recognising that members of the construction industry have a part to play in reducing plastic waste. Then, accepting that responsibility and starting to make small changes.

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