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Questions to Ask at The End of an Interview

6th February 2020



Going to an interview can be a really daunting experience. It can be tempting to get out of there as quickly as possible when it’s over. Asking questions at the end of an interview can really reinforce your application! We have brainstormed a list of some important questions you can ask at an interview. This will leave a lasting impression on your potential new employer.


What do you like the most about working here?

Hopefully, this question will prompt the interviewer to momentarily suspend their official role and give you a personal answer. After all, the views of an insider will carry much more weight than those on the outside.

Do they answer straight away? Can’t they stop ranting and raving about their career progression, the rewards and recognition they are given and all the other things they love about their employer? That’s probably a good sign. After all, work is a huge part of your life, and you want to be sure you’ll be working with a group of people that love what they do.

What’s the working environment and culture of the company like?

If this hasn’t been covered in the interview, ask about it. Interviews might seem like they are designed for the sole purpose of determining if you are right for a company, you’re applying to, you should also use it to understand whether you would fit in and if the company is right for you!

Listen to the answer; are they describing it as Fast Paced & High Energy environment when your ideal job is steady and concise? Make sure that these fit with your expectations of the job, and that you’re comfortable with what’s being said. However much you thought this was your ideal role, if the environment doesn’t sound like it’s for you, it’s probably time to walk away!

How many other people are there in the team?

This is a great time to find out a little about the people you will potentially be working with. Maybe you work better working solo, or maybe you need the support and encouragement of a team. Either way, finding out a bit more about the structure of the team and how closely you will be working with them will give you a good idea of if this company is right for you!

What training and development opportunities are on offer?

This is your chance to find out about the progression and development opportunities the company offers. Is there the relevant training on offer to help you progress to where you want to be? Is there scope for personal development within the business that isn’t necessarily linked to a promotion or financial gain?

Showing your interest in learning and developing skills will also go a long way in making you a more desirable candidate.

Do you see any gaps in my skills or qualifications that I need to fill?

This is a bold, gutsy question. Not everyone is going to be confident enough to ask it, which is going to set you apart from the competition. To the interviewer, it shows that you’re a bold thinker and demonstrates that you’re willing to fill any gaps that might exist. For you, the worst-case scenario is that there are gaps that will preclude you from getting the job, but that’s valuable information to take into your next interview. In the best case, the interviewer won’t have an answer and you’ll be shortlisted for the position!

What are the next steps and when can I expect to hear back from you?

This question not only gives you peace of mind so you’re not sitting by the phone for the next two weeks waiting for it to ring. It also cements your keenness in the role. You might be able to find out how many steps there are in the process, will there be a second interview or further assessments? You might also be able to get an indication of whether they will want to take your application further!

These questions might be work in every situation and there are probably many more you would like to ask. It’s worth keeping them in mind though – you never know when they might come in handy!

Tip – Leave questions about salary, holidays and company benefits until an offer has been made. These are all things that can be discussed and negotiated should you be offered the job!

We hope this helps you during your next interview and don’t forget to browse our live vacancies here

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