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What On-Site Jobs Are Available in Construction?

6th December 2017

The construction industry offers job opportunities in House Building, Commercial, Infrastructure and Off-site construction.

Below are some possible on-site construction job roles you can possibly do and how much you are likely to earn from each role.

On-site job roles tend to need you to use the likes of machinery as well as building materials and tools.  The work will require you to work mostly outside and at a range of different sites and strong teamwork skills are required.  Jobs such as these are available in companies ranging from one-man bands up to large contractors.

Site Manager

A site will need a Site Manager to oversee the project. You need to make sure that the work is done in a safe, productive and timely manner whilst staying within budget.

Site Managers can earn a salary between £34k – £55k due to the location of employment and level of experience.

Courses to help your development: SMSTSSMSTS RefresherNVQ Level 6 in Site Management

Vehicle Banksman

A Vehicle Banksman is requiring to direct plant machinery as well as other vehicles around a construction site. Your job is imperative to keeping work on the site safe.

A Vehicle Banksman earns an average salary of £22k – £25k per year.

Courses to help your development: Traffic ManagementVehicle Banksman


A “Brickie’s” job is to work with a range of building materials such as bricks and mortar to build various structures. Projects of all different sizes will need a bricklayer.

Bricklayers can earn a salary between £12.k – £17k while experienced brickies can earn an average salary of £17k – £30k. Masters of the trade can earn approximately up to £40.1k due to their knowledge and experience

Courses to help your development: CITB Health & Safety AwarenessWorking at Heights


Most construction projects require a plasterer. Both fibrous and solid decorators are in need on a range of construction projects.

Providing on your level of experience Plasterers can earn a salary between £12k – £28k a year.

Courses to help your development: NVQ Level 2 in Plastering SolidNVQ Level 3 in Plastering Solid


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