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Social Media Etiquette: Could it Cost you Your Job?

28th July 2016

social media


In the last decade or so, social media has become one of the easiest and most popular ways of connecting. Although it’s a great way of keeping in touch and up to date with your friends and family, if you’re not careful, it could cost you your job.


A recent study by Thomas Mansfield
has revealed that around half of the UK’s workforce wouldn’t hesitate about posting a photo of themselves drunk on their accounts. The survey shows that 51% of Brits would be confident about posting photos of themselves in a drunken state. Of that 51%, 67% have already posted a photo similar on their social media accounts.

When asked about substance abuse online, 14% of Brits said that they have posted a photo of themselves using drugs on social media. Additionally, 24% of the British workforce think that these sort of actions aren’t a problem.

Why you should be careful what you put on your social media

Meredith Hurst, Partner at Thomas Mansfield, has shared her thoughts on why this kind of behaviour could be potentially detrimental. “You might think that your profiles are your own private domain, but this is unfortunately not the case. Users of social media should have no expectation of privacy. In the current job market, potential employers are increasingly turning to social media to research candidates. It’s important you present them with a picture that reflects you as a reliable and dependable candidate.

“Current employees can also find themselves in hot water by posting inappropriate content. Pictures of drug use or excessive drinking can reflect badly on businesses. It could damage a company’s image and reputation.”

Despite having potentially serious consequences, 23% of the UK never review and maintain their social media profiles. They don’t make sure that there is no offensive or risky material. Further to this, 12% say they just don’t care about how their profiles are seen as by others.

If you want professional advice on how to maintain your personal brand, call us on 01204 523 500 or visit our contact page to get in touch with your local Bromak branch.

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