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The Benefits of Being a Temporary Worker

30th July 2015

More and more people across the UK, especially in the construction industry, are embarking on temporary work.

Whether you’re thinking about temping or already an experienced freelancer our guide to temporary working will help you.

What is temporary work?

Temporary work could be anything from one day’s work to an ongoing assignment and is likely to be a rolling, open ended agreement. Often roles are advertising as a minimum or variable duration, for example Site Manager for a minimum of four weeks or a Telehandler for two to six weeks. The varying durations are often down to the individual site, if a site progresses slower than expected they are likely to keep temp workers on longer, or need more temp workers to catch up.

On the other hand temporary work can also be for a fixed period or contract, this is often for things such as maternity, sick or holiday cover. Both temporary and contract vacancies are often for the candidate to start as soon as possible, so if you’re available for work it’s important to let us know.

Why do companies employ temporary workers?

There are many benefits for companies employing temporary workers, which is why temping is becoming so popular. Particularly in the construction industry the benefits centre on cost saving, as sites can pop up here, there and everywhere it’s more cost effective for contractors to employ temporary workers from the local area than it is to relocate their own in house employees.

Another benefit to employees is only having the trades they need on site at any time, they don’t want squads of brick layers standing around before the bricks have been delivered for example, and don’t want painter and decorators on site until the building is ready for them. By using agency staff the contractors can manage the flow of skills they have on site and avoid wasted time and cost.

What can you do to let us know you’re available for work?

  1. Log in to your online account and update your profile – from here you can edit your CV and all other details we have on file for you as well as mark yourself as available for work.
  2. Call us – we can log you as available and let you know of any current vacancies
  3. Follow us on social media – here you can keep up to date with the latest vacancies
  4. Check our website – we post all of our vacancies on our website so you can apply directly online

What are the benefits of being a temporary worker?

  • You can find a job fast!
  • Flexibility – you manage your own workload and only take the work you want
  • Get a variety of experience on different projects to expand your CV
  • Get paid weekly instead of monthly
  • If you’re paid through a payroll company you can claim expenses
  • Never a dull moment because you move from job to job
  • You could earn more money
  • Can lead to a permanent position

If you’re interested in registering for temporary work you can call our head office on 01204 532500.

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