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The Importance of Career Growth

19th April 2016

Over the years, applicants have become more and more savvy when on the hunt for a job. One factor that has become increasingly popular when searching for a job is the opportunity for career growth. Career growth can incite a sense of security with a potential employee, knowing that in years to come they won’t be stuck in a rut repeating the same old, same old.

The best and most natural way to retain motivation in your employees is to present a clear route for career growth. That being said, what types of career growth do employees find beneficial?

Career progression

This type of growth is what most people think of when they hear the term ‘career growth’. More often than not, genuinely talented people have the ambition to advance within a company, moving up through the ranks whilst remaining in the same organisation. With this the employee will gain more self-satisfying job titles, extra responsibilities and also an increase in respect from colleagues. Most of the time when colleagues see this career growth first hand, it will motivate them to wanting it themselves.

Financial Growth

Financial growth is the most obvious kind of career growth that an employee will find beneficial. Rewarding hard work and genuine dedication with a heftier paycheque will definitely result in a happy, enthusiastic and motivated workforce. A company may not always be able to offer this sort of growth, for example, during tough financial times, although other kinds of career growth may be offered in these situations.

Professional Growth

This is excluding financial growth and career progression, but is also a very valuable aspect of accepting a job offer. If an employee is dedicated to the role and to their career, they will strive to develop and continuously improve on their own skills and abilities. If the job you are offering includes room to establish, improve and build on their professional skills, it will most likely result in gaining a motivated, happy and loyal employee.

Career Growth at Bromak

Bromak is an excellent example of the significance of career growth, as we value career progression very highly. We are dedicated to internal progression and ensuring our employees achieve what they aim to, testament to this is that we hold the Silver Investors in People award and many of our managers and Directors started as trainees. If you think you have what it takes to work at Bromak, ring Ruth Berry, HR & Training Coordinator on 01204 532 500 for a confidential chat.

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