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The Underpaid, the Undervalued and the Overworked – Switching Jobs in 2016

19th January 2016

As 2016 is well underway, almost half of employees in the UK are looking to start a new career within the year. Recent studies show that one in five workers are already actively looking for a new job to start in 2016. So the question is, why are so many people looking for a change?

Research shows that a huge number of workers feel underpaid, overworked and undervalued in their line of work. This has caused a whopping one third of employees to report that they are miserable in their workplace. So what is it that is causing this mass misery? Well, long story short, there isn’t one definitive answer. It’s a mix of various factors that have accumulated to such a widespread decision to switching jobs. So let’s break this down and look at the three different sections; the underpaid, the undervalued and the overworked.

The Underpaid

So first thing’s first, the underpaid. Judging from the latest results found in the Investors in People Job Exodus Trends of 2016 report, over one quarter (27%) of workers in the UK are unsatisfied with the level of pay that they receive. Another recent survey by CBI (Confederation of British Industry) revealed that employers are expecting to continue hiring new permanent staff in 2016 but are reluctant to offer significant and worthwhile pay rises due to changes in the national living wage and apprenticeship levy. These differing opinions may cause a storm in 2016.

The Undervalued

According to the Investors in People report, almost a quarter (23%) of workers in the UK cited that an apparent lack of career progression is the cause of their unhappiness in the workplace and is their reason for deciding to move jobs altogether. Many people described feeling undervalued due to their salary staying the same, despite them taking on more responsibility. Many people said that, rather than a 3% pay rise, they would much prefer their employer to invest in their training and development. When asked if there was anything specific that their employer could do to increase their happiness in the workplace, 13% said they would just like to be thanked more often.

The Overworked

Just over one third (34%) of employees said that they would much prefer more flexible working hours rather than a 3% pay rise, and around one fifth (19%) of employees across the country believe they are expected to complete workloads that are unrealistically high. According to the survey 43% of employees reported that poor management is the main cause of their work-based misery. Another report in late 2015 revealed that bad leadership costs the UK up to £39 billion a year. If employers across the UK acknowledged and addressed these factors it would directly result in a much more committed, dedicated workforce and could save the UK billions each year.

Bromak Can Help!

If you can relate to any of the above, or are looking to take the next step in your career, then Bromak can help. We work with hundreds of clients across the UK to offer the best temporary and permanent vacancies on the market. To discuss your career or any vacancies we have available in your area call your local Bromak branch.

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