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Top 6 Reasons Why Employers Should Use an Agency

15th June 2016

Doing your own recruitment can be time consuming and expensive. Many organisations spend a substantial amount of money on setting up an in-house recruitment team, only to be left with a rather large hole in their pockets.

An established recruitment agency, like Bromak, will have years of experience and a wealth of contacts which often makes it the most effective way of sourcing the talent you need.

Save Time and Money

One of the most common reasons for using a recruitment agency is for saving time and money. In-house recruitment teams could spend days or even weeks gathering the same results that a specialist recruiter could do in a matter of hours. Even though using a recruitment agency comes with a cost, the overall expenditure is likely to be greatly reduced.

Only Receive the Best Candidates

When you advertise a job directly, you are likely to either be overrun with applications or receive very few. If you get lots of applications these can be very time consuming to sift through and often there are only a handful of appealing applications in the pack. If you outsource your recruitment, this is all taken care of for you. The recruitment agency will filter through the candidates and only send you a selected shortlist. At Bromak we always carry out a phone interview with the candidates and also carry out psychometric testing and help with further interviews if necessary.

Extended Reach

Good candidates can be difficult to find. If you’re trying to recruit someone in house you may post an advert online, but if you don’t get any good responses would you know where else to look? An experienced recruitment consultancy will have access to a large database of candidates (at Bromak we have over 110,000!) as well as a number of job boards, which in themselves are very expensive. Recruitment agencies also have large social networks they can reach out to in order to advertise your job for you.

Instant Access to Required Skills

The most recent Jobs Outlook by the RECs underlines that the number one reason for a company to use a recruitment agency for sourcing temporary employees is to have short term access to the strategic skills required for the role. This comes as no surprise as the construction industry is in the midst of a skills shortage, making it more and more difficult to source talent. Using a recruitment agency will give you access to the candidates with the required skills and qualifications at short notice. These solutions be crucial, especially for construction projects.

Temporary Staff Local to Your Project

If it’s temporary staff you’re looking for to work on a particular project, then using an agency could be the only way to find local candidates fast. You might be working on a project that’s miles away from your office base, meaning you’re not likely to know the local market. In cases like this a local recruitment agency will most certainly be the most efficient way of securing the talent you need. Having local temporary candidates also means you will save money on travel expenses that would occur from having your own employees travel.

Extensive Knowledge in the Field

One of the best reasons for using a recruitment agency to source your talent is the fact that a recruitment consultant will have an extensive amount of knowledge in the market. They will be able to offer the business insights as to what is going on in the sector. This includes knowing the talent that is available, how to find them, averages of salaries, current affairs in the sector, career expectations and more. The best recruiters will act as your eyes and ears in the field, giving you a huge advantage over their competition, who may be using an in-house recruitment team.

Here we have outlined just six of the reasons why using a recruitment agency can be advantageous, although there are many benefits that come with using Bromak in order to source the talent you require. If you are in need of new talent within your business, whether it’s for a temporary or permanent role, Bromak can help! Contact us on 01204 532 500.

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