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Top Five Temporary Roles in Construction

23rd August 2016

As an agency, we recruit for a range of different temporary roles across the entirety of the construction industry. We have placed thousands of candidates into temporary job roles since the start of 2016, from trades and labour to technical and office roles. Here we’re looking at the top five temporary positions of 2016 so far…

5. Plasterers

Good Plasterers are hard to find nowadays due to the skills shortage, but they are still in high demand. Since the start of 2016, we have placed a number of Plasterers into employment across a range of projects from refurbishment to high rise office blocks. Temporary Plasterers can earn anything from £10 – £18 per hour depending on the particular role and location. We place Plasterers into jobs that are both long and short term contracts, so if you need cover for just one day or for the next two years, we’re your best bet!

4. Joiners

In fourth place for the top five temporary roles in 2016 so far is Joiners. Joiners and Multi-Skilled Joiners are required across a range of construction sectors. In fact, the vast majority of projects will need a Joiner at some point. The average salary for Joiners varies considerably depending on the project, location and type of Joinery the project involves, although generally the pay will be anywhere from £11 – £18 per hour. Like with Plasterers, we supply Joiners for both long and short term contracts.

3. Site Managers

Closely following Joiners, in third place, is Site Managers. In 2016 alone, we have placed hundreds of Site Managers into temporary positions across the UK. Site Managers and Assistant Site Managers are required for both long and short term positions depending on the particular site they work on. Some Site Managers will work for the same company on a temporary basis across multiple sites. Site Managers can earn anywhere between £16 and £26 an hour depending on the sector, location and their experience.

2. Telehandlers

Telehandlers are an essential part of a construction site, particularly in house building. Without a reliable Telehandler on site, work could be slow for Bricklayers and other tradespeople who rely on them to move goods around on site. On average, the hourly rate Telehandlers receive ranges from £10 -£17.50 per hour. Temporary Telehandler contracts vary in length depending on the client and site.

1. Labourers

The number one requested temporary position in the construction industry is Labourers. Labourers are a key part of any construction site and are required in all sectors of construction including Fit-out, Social Housing, New Build and Commercial Construction. Labourers can earn anything from £7.51 to £12.50 per hour depending on their age (due to minimum wage) and the location of the site.

As a recruitment agency specialising in the construction sector, we cover a wide range of positions including the above. If you’re looking for temporary work in the construction industry, whether it’s in one of the above roles or something different, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

All information is taken from Bromak Recruitment statistics.

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