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Top Tips for Video Interviews

10th August 2020

Many employers are now utilising video software to interview candidates. Whether it is due to location, social distancing, or simply saving a bit of time, using services like Zoom and Microsoft Teams are on the increase.

Although some standard interview traits will still be in place, it’s important to take some time to prepare thoroughly for the meeting that might be the first stage in an exciting next step in your career.




Before the Meeting – At Least a Day Before

Check your internet connection and any technology that you will be using. If you don’t already have the software installed, then make sure you do this well in advance. You’ll also need to make sure that your internet connection is good enough to support streaming video and that your camera and microphone are working properly.

You should also make sure that you have a suitable location in mind that will be available on the day of the interview. This should be quiet and have good lighting.

We have got some more tips on preparing for an interview here.


Before the Meeting – On the Day

Before the meeting starts, make sure that all browser tabs or applications that you will not be using are closed. Just as you would in a face to face interview…make sure your mobile phone is turned to silent and out of reach of distraction.

You should also have a notepad and a pen to hand. You’ll probably think of questions that you’d like to ask, and you can jot down key points of questions that you have been asked in order to make sure you’re answering them properly and thoroughly.

Make sure you dress professionally, as you would for a face to face interview. This will help to get you in the right head space and will give a good impression to the potential employer.


During the Meeting

Try not to get too distracted by your own thumbnail and make sure you are maintaining eye contact with the interviewer. You should also remember the basics like smiling, nodding to show that you are listening and maintaining good body language.

We have got some tips on questions to ask at the end of your interview here.


We hope this page helps you prepare for your next interview and don’t forget to browse our live vacancies here

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