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Training Courses for Construction Workers

2nd March 2016

There are many different jobs that are involved in a construction site. Some are getting your hands dirty, some are more managerial, but all are essential. For every different type of job that can be found working on a construction site, there is always a training course that can be sat. So which courses are best suited to which worker?

CSCS Card and Test

If you don’t know what a CSCS card is, it stands for Construction Skills Certification Scheme. Anybody who works on a construction site, from visitors to managers, needs to have a CSCS card. There are varying levels of CSCS cards, ranging in colours from green to black. The purpose of CSCS cards is to prove that an individual working on a construction site has the appropriate training and qualifications for the type of work they carry out. To gain the CSCS card you will have to take the CITB Health and Safety course mentioned below, then complete a basic touch screen exam. Once completed and passed, you will have to apply for the card at CSCS contact center. For more information on CSCS cards, visit here.

CITB Health and Safety Awareness

The CITB Health and Safety Awareness course give all an understanding of the potential hazards of a construction site. It will also give an understanding of what they can do to ensure that their workplace is safe. This course is a one day basic introduction to health and safety on site. It consists of a classroom based discussion and individual/group presentations. 25 multiple choice questions will assess you at the end of this course. See here for more information on this course.


SSSTS stands for Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme. This is a two day course that offers an introduction to health and safety, environmental and welfare issues for those who require an understanding of their legal responsibilities in terms of their work activities. Site Supervisors and people who are about to take on a supervisory role will take this course. Why they are carrying out their duties, what is expected of them and ensuring that they contribute to the safety of the workplace will be understood by the end of this course. Find out more about the contents of this course.


Site Managers will go on an SMSTS (Site Management Safety Training Scheme) course. It is similar to SSSTS, although it is much more in depth. This is a five day course. It will demonstrate how to meet the demand for evidence of thorough health and safety management. If successful, you will gain knowledge in the Health and Safety at Work Act, CDM Regulations 2014, site set-up, risk assessments/method statements, working at height, scaffolding, electricity, excavations, demolition and confined spaces and more. A presentation and an examination will be completed during this course as well as assessments being carried out throughout the training. See here for more information on what this course includes.

Asbestos Awareness

Asbestos Awareness is a very rewarding course for anyone working on a construction project.  If you are working on a refurbishment job and especially on buildings constructed in the 1980’s and earlier you will attend this course. By the end, you will be able to understand the dangers of asbestos and how it affects the industry as well as being able to identify what materials asbestos could be used in and where to find asbestos. Having a greater understanding of the health risks, hazards and procedures involved in working in proximity of asbestos will be covered during this training. See here for more information on the Asbestos Awareness course.

3B Training

These courses are just a selection of courses available for people working within the construction industry. All of the above courses and more are available on the 3B Training website, where you can book online.

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