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UK exodus an opportunity to recruit best construction talent

29th June 2012

I was very encouraged to hear the chief executive of one of the UK’s largest construction companies talking this week about seizing new recruitment opportunities in terms of the UK job exodus.

In an interview with Construction News, Miller Construction’s Chris Webster said the company was looking to take advantage of opportunities to grow in the UK as some of its major competitors were shrinking their UK business and searching for more overseas contracts.

The company has made a number of senior appointments across the business and expects to see overall employee numbers rise from 400 to 450 by the end of the year.

Mr Webster’s comments about recruiting gradually over a period of time and “introducing new skills as the business progresses” were spot on. In the current climate, no business wants to be in a position where it finds it has over recruited.

However, he also stressed the importance of taking the opportunities to recruit talented people while they are available. All businesses want to keep hold of their best people, but the downtown and sluggish recovery have still left many skilled personnel looking for new employment.

From our experience, there is certainly an abundance of talent out there at the moment, at all levels from managerial to the frontline. And with many UK firms looking overseas for growth opportunities, more are likely to become available in the coming months.

Contractors who are in a position to grow their domestic business would be well advised to keep their recruitment requirements constantly under review and be in a position to move quickly to fill key roles when the opportunities arise.

This means having robust procedures in place and working closely with recruitment providers to get the best people. We will certainly be doing our best to fulfil our side of the bargain.

David Brooks
Managing Director

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