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Understanding Construction Site Safety Signs

16th March 2020

Health and safety are about stopping you from getting hurt at work or ill through work and you must play your part. A big part of this is being familiar with the signage on site, and what it means for you and the people you’re working with. Safety signs are found throughout a construction site. They are bright colours like red, green, blue and yellow. It is important that you understand what the signs on a construction site mean as they are there to ensure you stay safe. They warn you of hazards and inform you on rules you must follow.

Different types of signs include:

  • Prohibition Signs
  • Mandatory Signs
  • Warning Signs
  • Safe Conditions Signs
  • Fire Equipment Signs


Prohibition Sign

A prohibition sign shows actions you must avoid. They are a red circle with a crossbar on a white circle. Some examples of a prohibition sign are:

  • Stop
  • No entry
  • No smoking



Mandatory Sign

A mandatory sign shows Actions you must obey. They are a blue circle with white symbols and lettering. Some examples of a mandatory sign are:

  • Hard hats must be worn
  • Fire door keep shut
  • Wear gloves
  • Wear ear protection

signs signs signs


Warning Sign

A warning sign tells you to be aware of the dangers. They are yellow triangles with black border and lettering. Some examples of warning signs are:

  • Danger
  • High voltage
  • Asbestos
  • Work overhead

signs signs signs


Safe Condition Sign

A Safe Condition Sign contains information relating to emergency action. They are a green square or rectangle with white symbols and lettering. Some examples are:

  • Fire exit
  • First aid
  • Fire assembly point
  • AED



Fire Equipment Sign

A fire equipment sign is used to show the location and details of fire equipment. They are a red square or rectangle with white symbols and lettering. Some examples are:

  • Fire alarm
  • Hydrant
  • Extinguisher
  • Fire blanket

signs signs signs

Upon commencing an assignment, our workers will receive Bromak’s ‘Health and Safety Booklet’ which is designed to help our stakeholders identify hazards, assess risks, determine suitable and sufficient control measures and be better informed of the correct procedures needed to maintain a safe working environment.

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