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Using Bromak for Temporary Construction Workers

13th November 2020

Historically agency staff were used in construction to ‘plug gaps’, cover for sickness or holidays, supplement workforce during seasonally busy periods or staff a site or project that needs an extra push. However, it is becoming more common for companies to use temporary workers in a more strategic fashion.


Why should I use Bromak for temporary requirements?

Although as a company we supply staff to all sectors of the construction industry, we have offices across the country and consultants with specialist knowledge so we can guarantee that the person working on your bookings will be able to find the most suitable, and local candidates for your job.

For our clients that wish to have high levels of control over the ordering, onboarding, and authorisation processes of managing a temporary workforce, we are proud to be able to offer a Vendor Management Solution.

When should I use Bromak for temporary requirements?

Making an agency aware of your requirements several weeks in advance allows the agency to find, interview and screen local candidates well in advance of them being required and ensures that the best candidates are found for your position.

What we need from clients

When you speak to your Recruitment Consultant about a temporary vacancy, they will need a few key bits of information from you in order to send the best candidate. As a minimum, the consultant will discuss with you




  • What role you are looking to fill
  • The start date and duration of the vacancy
  • A description of your site and the stage of development that it is at
  • Any specific duties that the candidate will be carrying out or any key skills that they will need
  • Who the candidate will be reporting to
  • What qualifications or training they will need
  • The hourly rate that you will be charged

What we need from candidates

You can read our recent post on ‘Registering with Bromak – What You Need to Know’ here.

When we arrange for a candidate to go to a client’s site for work, we will always

  • Make sure that we have made sure the candidate is eligible to work in the UK
  • Take at least two work related references to ensure that they have the right skills and experience to do the job
  • Verify their construction related tickets and qualifications
  • Send a Key Information Document which outlines important information about their rate of pay
  • Issue them with a Health & Safety in Construction guide

What next?

If you want to speak with someone at Bromak about how we can help you with your temporary recruitment then you can  call your local branch where someone will be happy to help you.

Candidates can also browse all of our current vacancies or click to register.

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